The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale

Joel McHale, the snarky star of Community (2009), ridicules the silliest moments reality television, internet videos and TV from around the world have to offer. Each episode also features celebrity guests and a couple of sketches.

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale
"Joel returns to the green screen with a visit from Kevin Hart and a tour of Netflix, then has fun with South African words and Korean car accidents."
"Joel checks back in with Donnadorable, welcomes Kristen Bell -- and a ghost -- to the studio and explores offbeat TV from Australia and New Zealand."
"Joel introduces a new batch of reality TV bros and revels in Indian pop culture. Billy Eichner drops by with a dire warning about Donnadorable."
"Joel wades warily into YouTube vlogger breakups and Japanese TV, Eric Bana pitches his new business, and Eric McCormack shows you how to feel smarter."
"As Joel checks out Nigerian film, shows that humiliate kids and a new twist on \u201cThe Bachelor,\u201d show bully Seth Green delivers an ominous message."
"Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant drop in, Adam DeVine calls a family meeting, and a haunting character returns. Plus, weird Kickstarter campaigns."
"Gabriel Iglesias pitches his side business, while Russell Wilson and Kate Flannery hawk supplements that are stranger than a \u201cMaury\u201d guest\u2019s name."
"Bill Nye shows off a Netflix-inspired invention while Joel presents chilling glimpses at technology and a regrettable ending to a family classic."
"Joel shows odorous clips from \u201cJersey Shore,\u201d \u201cLive PD\u201d and Russell Crowe's divorce auction, then Nicole Byer shares some fragrances of her own."
"Joe Manganiello steps in when an adorable puppy is lost at sea. Joel checks in on the esteemed Vanderpumps and shows off new bidet technology."
"Bellamy Young gets jiggy with '90s slang and voting. Plus, more \"Mini Black Mirror\" and embarrassing moments from \"Jersey Shore,\" \"Jeopardy!\" and UFC."
"Joel has fun with unsavory French television and an irate Scottish gardener. Anna Faris hosts an offbeat talk show with Joel and Eugenio Derbez."
"The show's recurring characters return, including a familiar apparition and a guy who says he's Seth Rogen. Then, Joel previews his new action series."
"Joel welcomes guest Gillian Jacobs and checks in on dumb people saying dumb things, a stupefying tattoo and a baseball manager's uplifting ring tone."
"Justin Hartley comes by to drop some knowledge, Joel introduces a new DNA testing service, and the International Corner makes a stop in Uganda."
"Joe Manganiello returns with a mystery to solve. Joel shares a fun new tourism video, a celebrity-inspired phrase generator and home shopping gems."
"Quilting enthusiast Ray Liotta defends his craft, then Joel puts the best of America on display in his \"National Corner\" and a new \"That Happened.\""
"YouTube star Markiplier shares highlights from the streaming world, Pizza Ghost returns with a new friend, and Lou Diamond Phillips challenges Netflix."
"Joel impresses Jack Black with his storytelling abilities. Plus, a delusional \"Bachelorette\" contestant and clips from \"Jersey Shore\" spinoffs."