Little Mosque on the Prairie

A satirical view at a Muslim community living in Mercy, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Zarqa Nawaz

Country: Canada

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2007

IMDb: 5.9

Season 1 - Little Mosque on the Prairie
"When a young lawyer from Toronto decides to become an Imam, he decides to move west to the prairies to pursue his true calling. As the new spiritual leader arrives in his new home, the Muslim community butts heads with locals."
"When Baber decides to put up a barrier to separate men and women at the mosque, a war of words along gender lines erupts."
"An open house held in Mercy that is meant to bridge gaps between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities has unexpected consequences."
"Rayaan and her mother have an argument over the swimming schedule at the local pool."
"The mosque has a new member and this leads to much discussion among the populace of Mercy."
"With the Anglican church in Mercy facing financial troubles and a visit from the Archdeacon, the Muslim community tries to help out."
"Yasir's mother arrives for a visit and has plans that could prove disruptive for him and his family."
"Rayyan considers dating a local fireman and this proves to be unsettling for a few people."
Season 2 - Little Mosque on the Prairie
"Baber and Yasir decide to set up a Muslim cemetary but this does not go over well with some in the local community."
"Amaar and Rayyan become co-hosts of a public access Islam themed show."
"A Burka wearing newcomer stirs up a wide range of emotions in Mercy."
"Sarah is jubilant when she wins the lottery until she remembers that, as a practicing Muslim, she isn't supposed to gamble."
"A local company's stock price rises dramatically and everybody in town wants to take advantage of the opportunity."
"Amaar has to deal with conflicting emotions when a former friend and now bitter rival comes to Mercy."
"The people at the mosque become suspicious when an agent from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service comes to town."
"Baber starts to rethink his outlook on life when Amaar inadvertently gives him the \" evil eye \"."
"Amaar and Rayyan go with Baber to the US consulate to get Baber removed from the American \" No Fly List \"."
"Rayyan decides to add a few yuletide touches to cheer up Sarah, who is openly longing for the traditions of Christmas."
"During preparations for New Year's Eve festivities, many people in Mercy reflect back on what they were doing five years earlier."
"Amaar challenges Fred Tupper to a curling showdown though Amaar's knowledge of the sport is rather limited."
"Amaar thinks Layla has a crush on him and tries to figure out a way of ending it quickly."
"Sarah looks to replace the \" Welcome to Mercy \" sign with one written in multiple languages but this proves to be more difficult than she anticipates."
"The mayor tries to have the \" Wheat Week \" celebration canceled but this move lands her in hot water with the people of Mercy."
"During the Ramadan period, Amaar challenges his congregation to abstain from lying, getting angry or gossiping but this proves to be difficult for some."
"A childhood friend of Rayyan's visits Mercy and Rayyan finds herself infatuated."
"J.J. and Rayyan look for a chaperone for their budding relationship."
"J.J. seems to be intimidated by Rayaan's dating experience."
"After a short courtship, J.J. decides to ask Rayyan to marry him."
Season 3 - Little Mosque on the Prairie
"In the season premiere, we find out whether or not Rayyan accepted JJ's marriage proposal - and what Amaar does about it."
"When Amaar returns to Toronto to re-think his future, Yasir comes to the rescue, only to find that winning Amaar might not be as easy as he thought."
"Amaar returns to Mercy to resume his role as Imam but finds he has to reapply for the job."
"Layla signs up Baber for an online dating site but soon decides that she must prevent her father from meeting the woman he is matched with."
"Yasir hires Amaar to work as a construction assistant but soon realizes that not everybody is qualified to work such a position."
"Yasir joins a local lodge to make business contacts but soon realizes that he may be in over his head."
"Baber enlists Yasir and Sarah's help in planning a party for Layla's sixteenth birthday but Layla isn't keen on the idea."
"Fatima looks to make a number patrons toting laptops happy at her cafe but risks alienating the rest of her customers in the process."
"Rayyan and Yasir both want to be on Sarah's team in a charity marathon, which leaves Sarah a difficult choice to make."
"Amaar befriends a reporter new to the Mercy area but this friendship is tested when the two wind up in jail."
"Amaar is enlisted by a friend to go on a double date but finds his confidence somewhat shaken by the outcome."
"Fred gets some unsettling news from a visit to Rayyan's clinic and decides to change his life radically as a result with his rocky relationship with the local Muslim community the first thing to be changed."
"Amaar's attempts to get a raise for himself fail and Fred decides to help him by pursuing the matter on his own."
"JJ tells Rayyan that his parents have bought them a palace in Dubai to live in and the couple try to decide whether to live in Dubai or stay in Mercy."
"Yasir says he is too busy to attend a marriage workshop with Sarah but soon comes to regret his decision."
"JJ opens an early wedding present but has no idea what the gift is and neither does anybody else."
"Baber insists that the Muslim women enter the mosque through a separate entrance. However, when he has a change of heart, Baber finds it difficult to undo what he has begun."
"J.J.'s parents arrive for the wedding and J.J.'s mother tells Rayyan something in private and swears Rayyan to secrecy over."
Season 4 - Little Mosque on the Prairie
"Rev. Magee's replacement wants Amaar and the Muslims out until he realizes his congregates like having the Mosque around."
"When Amaar invites Rev. Thorne to co-host a party, the minister hijacks the planning and almost tanks the event."
"Amaar thinks Reverend Thorne is stealing his sermons but his idea to prove this threatens to backfire on him."
"After Rayyan forbids surprise visits, Sarah sneaks into Rayyan's home to get her emergency key and finds herself trapped inside the house."
"Reverend Thorne installs a vending machine during a fundraiser fasting session that Amaar is leading over a thirty hour period. Amaar finds he may have to fight the temptation of easy food with faith."
"Yasir is determined to win the bid to renovate the church even if it results in bankrupting him in the process."
"Yasir accidentally breaks Thorne's statue of Jesus and when he tries to secretly replace it, Yasir receives an unexpected surprise."
"Sarah agrees to help Reverend Thorne improve the church's profile in the area. In response, Amaar recruits Nate to help do the same for the mosque."
"Thorne tricks Amaar into taking part in a charity boxing match and Amaar finds that if he tries to back out, he might lose face in the community."
"Amaar is dumbfounded when he learns Reverend Thorne is faking injuries sustained from the charity boxing match in an effort to make Amaar look bad and generate sympathy for Thorne."
"Amaar and Reverend Thorne become lost during a camping trip in the woods. During their struggle to find the way home, the two discover they have more in common than either believed previously."
"The Mayor fires Sarah for lying at an inopportune time. Sarah is determined to get her job back and hatches a scheme to do just that."
"Amaar accidentally opens a letter meant for Rev. Thorne and learns more about him than he really wanted to know."
"When Thorne encourages Baber to share his extreme views on the radio, Amaar conspires with an unlikely ally to get him off the air."
"Amaar sides with Rayyan in a disagreement with fundamentalists but this decision may be prove to be a costly one for him."
"Amaar decides to stay in Mercy after he is fired as Imam. Meanwhile, Baber takes over for Amaar as Imam and things go badly very quickly."
"With an archbishop coming for a visit and looking to meet the Muslims in Mercy, Thorne tries to hide the fact that he has evicted the mosque."
Season 5 - Little Mosque on the Prairie
"Amaar searches for the perfect way to propose to Rayyan after getting Yasir's permission to marry his daughter. Sarah volunteers to help but soon what is supposed to be the most magical night ever becomes a series of comic misfires. Meanwhile, when Thorne finds the town has turned on him after his bad behaviour toward the Muslims, he tries to find a new way to fit in."
"Rayyan sets out to convince Amaar that they should have children some day by inviting him to help her babysit a newborn. But when the baby takes to Amaar and not to Rayyan, she's less sure she's in a hurry to become a mother. Meanwhile, Thorne recruits Sarah to help him win over Amaar as a friend but instead ends up destroying a peace offering he had made to the Imam."
"Amaar becomes self-conscious about his own meagre earnings compared to those of his fianc\u00e9e, Rayyan, who is always eager to pick up the cheque and pay for gifts. He decides a pre-nup is the best way to show her he won't be financially dependent on her. Meanwhile, Thorne is wracked with guilt when Sarah discovers he lied to replace her in a community bridge game."
"Amaar shares personal information about Rayyan."
"Thorne sabotages Amaar's housing options to keep him as a permanent roommate."
"Rayyan urges Amaar to befriend a lonely Rev. Thorne but quickly finds herself shut out when the former frenemies find much in common. Meanwhile, when a mishap at the Mosque is misread as a hate crime, Sarah covers for the Mayor until she has to come clean and mend fences between the Anglicans and the Muslims."
"The excitement of their first joint purchase is ruined when Rayyan discovers that Amaar heard her snoring as she tried out mattresses. Meanwhile, Sarah, Thorne and Baber try to outdo each other in the charity department when a man down on his luck passes through town."
"Amaar and Rayyan learn that Rev. Thorne has fallen in love with the local librarian and Rayyan's interfering, against Amaar's advising her to stay away, may sabotage the budding romance."
"Urged on by the women of the Mosque, Rayyan runs for the board. But her victory is short-lived when Baber finds a clause in the constitution forbidding women from participating. Worse yet, Amaar agrees to uphold the constitution, no matter how upset Rayyan is. Meanwhile, Thorne enlists Sarah to help him connect with the people of Mercy and she loses her newfound friends to him."
"When Yasir announces his impending return, Amaar and Rayyan seize the opportunity of his visit to set a wedding date. They soon discover they don\u2019t have time to plan a big wedding and turn the event over to Sarah, who goes over the top with arrangements they don't love. Amaar saves the day when he finds the perfect spot for them to marry. Meanwhile, the only way Thorne can get Baber to help with his tax problem is to convince cranky Fred to do a favour for Baber."
"Rev. Magee arranges an Islamicly appropriate bachelor party for Amaar."
"Having mastered his work at the mosque, Amaar has devoted himself to good works volunteering for Islamic Assistance International and is thrilled when they offer him a full-time job. But that joy is tempered with sadness when he realizes the job would take him to Montreal and that Rayyan isn't sure she wants to move. Meanwhile, Sarah and the Mayor become convinced a new doctor in town is trying to steal Rayyan's practice."
"Not wanting to cast a pall over their special day, Amaar and Rayyan decide to wait until after the wedding to let their family and friends know they're moving to Montreal. But Baber overhears their juicy news and lets it slip at the worst possible moment. Everyone's shocked reaction threatens to derail the special occasion. Meanwhile, Yasir feels left out and struggles to find his role in the family and in town."
Season 6 - Little Mosque on the Prairie
"Sarah and Rayyan work at cross purposes to help each other come to terms with Sarah's divorce."
"When Amaar tries to solve Rayyan's problems at work, he causes her extra stress at home."
"After blowing out the old fuse box in their house, Amaar tries to impress Rayyan by playing Mr. Handyman but has to secretly enlist Sarah\u2019s do-it-yourself expertise to get the job done. Rayyan becomes suspicious of his sudden upsurge in Mr.-Fix-it skills and volunteers Amaar to fix Fred\u2019s shower, Meanwhile, Baber and Thorne challenge each other to a fasting competition that escalates to insane heights, even for them."
"Amaar needs Baber and Thorne\u2019s cooperation to win a coveted Multi-Faith Award, but Baber and Thorne try to cut Amaar out when they discover the award comes with a cash prize. Meanwhile, Ann sets Sarah up on the worst first-date of her life, which leads to the worst second-date of her life. And Nate and Fatima team up to make a multi-ethnic sandwich."
"Amaar and Rayyan\u2019s first official dinner party as a married couple goes off the rails when Thorne\u2019s brother Charles shows up in Mercy."
"Amaar gets a sign from above in the most unexpected, yet fateful manner."
"Amaar tries to get the town to support his new Mosque, but finds only disinterest and some outright derision when he reveals that his divine inspiration came from a chicken. Meanwhile, Baber is determined to prove the town isn\u2019t ready for a new mosque by trying to get himself arrested. Sarah has a crisis of faith and considers eating bacon, while Ann suffers a crisis of love while sexting the now absent Charles Thorne."
"Sarah feels undervalued by Ann and agrees to work for Darnelly\u2019s Mayor, Glenda Beckford, not realizing that Ann\u2019s college \u2018frenemy\u2019 has ulterior motives for hiring her. Meanwhile, Amaar is so consumed with his plans for the new Mosque, he manages to forget Rayyan\u2019s birthday. Baber and Thorne compete for clients at the mosque\/church\u2019s last rummage sale."
"When Amaar inadvertently leads everyone to believe that the new Mosque is haunted, Sarah runs damage control and suggests he and Rayyan spend the night in the Mosque to prove it\u2019s completely ghost-free. Meanwhile, a love-struck Nate goes to extreme lengths to ask Poppy out on a date. And Thorne helps Baber overcome his irrational fear of Jinn."
"In the lead up to the series finale, Amaar reveals to Baber that he plans to be the Imam of the new Mosque. In turn, Baber revolts and forms a splinter Mosque. Meanwhile, Ann is distraught over Charles\u2019 upcoming nuptials to a younger woman and comes up with a bizarre strategy to fight for her man. And Sarah attempts to rejoin the church choir, with fiery results."
"In a series finale that lets Little Mosque on the Prairie live up to it\u2019s namesake, Amaar prepares for the grand opening of the new Mosque, while trying to get Baber to end his boycott. Charles returns to Mercy with a plan to win Ann. Sarah reaffirms her Muslim faith; and, with Mercy Anglican burnt to a crisp, Thorne finds an unexpected new home for his congregation."