A Crime to Remember

A look back at famous cases from the past.

Genre: Documentary , Drama

Director: Christine Connor

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.5

Season 1 - A Crime to Remember
"Queens, NY, 1965. Two children disappear in the night, taken from their bedroom. Hours later they turn up dead, strangled. The police have no clues but an instant dislike for the parents: Eddie (20's) and Alice Crimmins (26). They are separated and fighting over custody of the kids. She seems more concerned about her make-up and appearance than her dead kids; he seems to be obsessed with her many love affairs. Cops think one of them did it, but it will take twelve years to unravel the truth."
"New York, NY, 1963. When two young women - just out of college, starting their first jobs in The Big City - wind up dead in their Upper East Side apartment, raped, mutilated, the victims of a terrible, heinous attack, the City is thrown into chaos. If these girls aren't safe, who is? The NYPD is under such pressure to solve the high-profile case it makes a tragic mis-step in the investigation of the case the newspapers dub \"The Career Girls Murders.\""
"West Palm Beach, FL, 1955. Judge Curtis Chillingworth (58) and his wife (50's) say their goodbyes to friends at swank dinner party, step into their car and drive away. They are never seen again. When police start investigating they unravel a tale of corruption, moonshine and numbers-running that leaves Florida in shock."
"Denver, CO, 1955. When United Airlines Flight 629 bound for Seattle explodes in mid-air, killing everyone aboard, the new-to-air travel nation grieves over the terrible tragedy. But when crash investigators find a few strange inconsistencies in the wreckage they start to wonder if it was an accident at all. What follows is the discovery of the first-ever act of commercial airline sabotage in the United States...the motive? Money."
"Michigan, 1967. A young co-ed from Eastern Michigan State University goes missing. Her body is found months later, rotting in a field. A year later, another co-ed, disappears and is found stabbed to death. A few months after that, a young law student is found shot and strangled in an Ypsilanti cemetery. The young women of Southeastern Michigan are terrified and the police commence a massive hunt for the monster they call The Co-Ed Killer."
"A 1955 shooting involving a pair of New York socialites is recalled."
Season 2 - A Crime to Remember
"Kew Gardens, Queens, 1964: Kitty Genovese is raped and stabbed to death outside her apartment building as her neighbors watch and do nothing, introducing America to the \"bystander effect.\" But is this really the whole story...?"
"Live Oak, FL, 1952: The revered Dr. Leroy Adams has been shot in his office. In a time of segregation and secrets, figuring out who is responsible may not be as easy as simply identifying the killer."
"Key Biscayne, FL, 1964: Candy Mossler (40s) finds her multi-millionaire husband, Jacques (69), stabbed to death in their apartment. Detectives are swept into a twisted tale of incest, secret homosexual liaisons, and money, money, money..."
"Austin, TX, 1966: A rain of bullets descends on students and faculty at the University of Texas. But when the smoke clears there remain more questions than answers: who could have done this evil, hideous thing? And why?"
"Tucson, AZ, 1965: When Gretchen Fritz and her sister Wendy leave for a movie and never come home, police must infiltrate the tight-knit world of Speedway teens to discover the disturbing truth behind the girls\u2019 disappearance."
"San Bernardino, CA, 1964: When Lucille and Cork Miller\u2019s car crashes, Cork burns to death inside. Half the evidence suggests it was an accident, but could Lucille have wanted her husband out of the picture?"
"Berkeley, CA, 1955: Little Stephanie Bryan has disappeared without a trace, and police will have to use every tool at their disposal, from newspaper reporters to bloodhounds, to solve the mystery of Stephanie\u2019s fate."
"Kansas City, MO, 1953: Bobby Greenlease has been kidnapped. When the largest ransom payout in history fails to bring Bobby back, St. Louis\u2019 shadiest characters must track down the culprits."
Season 3 - A Crime to Remember
"Gaffney, SC, 1968: When a local reporter receives a mysterious phone call from a murderer who threatens to kill again, Gaffney police must race against the clock to try to save the town\u2019s teen girls."
"New York, NY, 1973: When a twenty-eight year old schoolteacher for deaf children is murdered in NYC, detectives immerse themselves in the swinging world of 1970's nightlife, where club-goers and activists rub shoulders with wide-eyed career girls."
"Chicago, IL, 1966: The crime of the century begins when a man knocks on the door of a dormitory of nursing students and murders all\u2026but one, who will live to help police attempt to bring him to justice."
"New York, NY, 1937: Easter Sunday turns deadly when a pin-up model and two others are discovered brutally murdered. Religion, art, and madness come together in this twisted tale of love and obsession."
"Macon, GA, 1960: When wealthy Mary Burge is found strangled in her bed, detectives encounter a world of hooded Klan members and blue blood Yankees where the truth truly is stranger than fiction."
"Bay Village, OH, 1954: When Marilyn Sheppard is found beaten to death in her bedroom, it will take more than thirty years to piece together the truth of what happened the night she died."
"Los Angeles, CA, 1934: Eric Madison is found dead in a boarding house at the back of the Warner Brother\u2019s lot. But in an age where propriety is paramount, will the punishment fit the crime?"
"Odessa, TX, 1961: Teenager Betty Williams isn't home. She\u2019s not at school. Police are sure she is a runaway, until they uncover a shocking high school rumor that will change this small town forever."
Season 4 - A Crime to Remember
"Lincoln, NE, 1958: When two love-struck, sex-crazed teenagers embark on a killing spree in Lincoln, Nebraska, it will fall to one local sheriff to put the brakes on this nightmare of a joy ride."
"Kansas City, MO, 1960: When Patricia Jones\u2019 bullet-ridden body turns up by the side of lovers\u2019 lane, Detective Browning forges ahead on a catch me if you can trail from Missouri to Mexico, taunted by the sly smiles of his provocative arch nemesis."
"St. Paul, MN, 1963: Carol Thompson, church-going wife and devoted mother of four, is found in a bloody heap on her neighbor\u2019s doorstep. Detectives must peel away the layers of her picture-perfect life to reveal the painful secrets of this housewife."
"Honolulu, HA, 1931: When the young aristocratic wife of a Naval Lieutenant is discovered bruised and beaten by the side of a dark road, a hackneyed scheme and a trigger-happy hand will lead to the most sensational murder trial in Hawaii\u2019s history."
"Bronx, NY, 1941: When tea for two becomes a murder of one, investigators from all across New York City must act upon the testimony of a few brave women to bring the killer to justice."
"Los Angeles, CA, 1922: When a husband is found dead and his wife discovered locked in a closet, detectives find themselves lost in a world of seduction and obsession where the ghosts are all too real."
"Santa Cruz, CA, 1970: When an entire family is discovered shot and drowned in their own swimming pool, investigators must traipse through psychedelic hippie communes to solve this Manson-style murder."
"Los Angeles, CA, 1968: Cheryl Perveler is found in her yellow sports car bleeding out from a gunshot wound to the head. When investigators dig into Cheryl's life, the plot that they uncover will defy even the most outlandish expectations."
Season 5 - A Crime to Remember
"The story behind author Truman Capote's classic non-fiction novel, \"In Cold Blood,\" which details the Clutter family murders in 1959 and the nationwide manhunt that followed for the killers."
"The city of Chicago is gripped with terror after three bizarre and savage murders go unsolved. Amidst this public furor, both the police and the local newspapers are desperate to give the people what they want: someone to blame."
"In what became known as \"The Crime of The Century,\" a boy from one of Chicago's wealthiest families is kidnapped and found murdered. The ensuing investigation zeroes in on the wealthy, thrill-seeking college students Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb."
"Heiress Barbara Mackle is kidnapped and buried alive in a coffin-like capsule; local police and the FBI race to Mackle's abductor before her time underground runs out."
"A detective struggles to exonerate his black friend from rape allegations pinned on him by the LAPD's all-white brass; he must navigate entrenched racism, lead a stake-out and employ the magic of Hollywood to ensnare the real predator."
"Four members of the Mark family are found murdered in their Cedar Falls, Iowa, home, prompting police to suspect someone close to the family; the bizarre outcome shakes the townspeople and devastates the surviving members of the Mark family."
"On one terrible morning, 10-year-old Leona O'Loughlin doesn't show up for school while her detective father, Leo, falls violently ill. Investigators consider the chilling possibility that someone might be trying to eliminate the entire family."
"After the blood-soaked body of 76-year-old Franklin Bradshaw is found behind the counter of his auto-parts store, detectives dig into the strained history of his family and uncover a hotbed of deceit, manipulation and all-consuming greed."